Montauk Funding Group LLC

Montauk Funding Group LLC is a New York-based hard money and bridge lender. As a direct lender, we use our own funds and make our own underwriting decisions. We specialize in helping borrowers gain quick access to trusted sources of capital for real estate business ventures. We offer a greatly reduced approval process tailored to support investors, business owners, and individuals. With flexible terms, fast closings, and aggressive rates, our hard money loans are a hassle-free alternative to conventional banking. At Montauk Funding Group LLC we are here to invest in you!

To us, lending is an art form. At Montauk Funding Group we understand that no two deals are the same. We approach each deal with the owner’s vision in mind and a level of creativity unmatched in our industry. As a direct lender with deals underwritten in house, we have the boundless ability to overcome challenges that traditional lenders shy away from.

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